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Robin Steinberg: How Can We End The Injustice Of Bail?

Part 1 of the TED Radio Hour episode Hacking The Law.

About Robin Steinberg's TED Talk

The bail system disproportionately impacts low-income people of color and pressures defendants into pleading guilty. But Robin Steinberg is implementing a plan to fix this--without waiting for reform.

About Robin Steinberg

Robin Steinberg is the CEO of The Bail Project, a new organization that fights mass incarceration, at scale, by using a revolving bail fund to help defendants post bail and alleviate the pressure to plead guilty.

She started her career as a public defender. In 1997, Steinberg founded the Bronx Defenders and worked for 20 years to create her own vision of public defense by extending legal representation and advocacy beyond criminal court.

The Bronx Defenders paved the way for two other initiatives including Still She Rises, a public defender office dedicated exclusively to the representation of women in the criminal justice system, and The Bronx Freedom Fund, a revolving bail fund that uses philanthropic dollars to post bail for defendants who cannot afford it.

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