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How To Live On A Disappearing Island

A boy fishes on a bayou near the Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana.
LEE CELANO/AFP via Getty Images
A boy fishes on a bayou near the Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana.

Just off the coast of Louisiana, Isle de Jean Charles is connected to the mainland by a single two-lane road. Most of its residents have moved away due to environmental concerns. Now, only about forty permanent residents remain.

But as climate change continues to shape the world we live in, residents may not have a choice in whether they leave or stay.

The island is the subject of a film called “Lowland Kids.”

Watch the movie here.

We sit down with filmmaker Sandra Winther and teenager Juliette Brunet, who has lived on Isle de Jean Charles her entire life, to discuss the environmental effects of climate change on low-lying areas, and how those who still live on the island get by as the water continues to rise.

Produced by Avery J.C. Kleinman.


Sandra Winther, Filmmaker, Lowland Kids; @sandrawinther

Juliette Brunet, Resident, Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana

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