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Seattle Fans Stunned At How Super Bowl Ended

DEBORAH WANG, BYLINE: This is Deborah Wang. In Seattle, fans poured out onto the streets near the Seahawks' home stadium trying to understand how it went so wrong.

Can describe how you're feeling right now?



DONALD FITZGERALD: Disappointed, sad.

ABRAHAM: So very disappointed.

WANG: That was Shane Ruble, Miranda Abraham, and Donald Fitzgerald. The Seahawks had pulled off amazing come-from-behind victories this year, so many almost expected the team to score and win in the final two minutes of play just a yard from the end zone, that is until Russell Wilson's pass was intercepted at the goal line. Brendon Wallace wanted to know, why didn't they run the ball instead?

BRENDON WALLACE: We could easily, easily could have got that, and we decided to pass. It makes no sense.

WANG: Still, fans raised their Seahawks flags and staged an impromptu march through Seattle's downtown.


UNIDENTIFIED FANS: Seahawks. Seahawks.

WANG: And there was something to celebrate. After all, the Seahawks had make it to two consecutive Super Bowls. Here's fan Richie Mwanthi.

RICHIE MWANTHI: At the end of the day there's hope. There's always next year, and if not next year, there's another year, and if not another year, there's always more years to come.

WANG: And fans say Seattle thrives on being the underdog, and they can now assume that position once again. For NPR News, I'm Deborah Wang in Seattle. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Deborah Wang
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