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High School Kicker Accidentally Hits Ref In The Head, Makes Extra Point

Praising someone for "using his head" is a compliment to his good thinking. But what about using someone else's head? For two athletes, the results were mixed.

Now, we recognize this post isn't serious news, but when the fates give you two instances of athletes accidentally using other people's noggins to score in the span of a week, it's worth a few sentences.

On Tuesday, during a game of the Copa MX tournament in Mexico, the goalie for the Zacatepec team, Javier Caso, hurled a ball from the box toward his teammates. Only it never made it. Instead, the head of an opposing player, Necaxa's Rodrigo Prieto, got in the way. The ball thudded off of his head and bounced back into the net. Caso unsuccessfully argued for the ref to discount the goal owing to interference, while a somewhat confused Prieto celebrated with his teammates. Necaxa went on to win 3-1.

In this play from a Texas high school football game on Friday, however, a person's unsuspecting head was a help, not a hindrance. Midland Lee High School kicker Luis Aranda lined up to kick the extra point and blasted it directly into the face of the referee. The ball glanced off the ref's head and through the uprights. It's good!

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