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Behold: The Blooper Burger. Your Arteries Will Clog Just Thinking About It

The Blooper Burger is what happens when ALL the food is stacked between two slices of Texas toast: four cheeseburger patties, a footlong hot dog, four chicken tenders, lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapenos and tater tots.

There's also American cheese and nacho cheese sauce.

"It's got everything you would eat, just all at one time," says its creator, chef Pete Smithing.

It's SunTrust Park's contribution to outrageous baseball stadium offerings and is named after the Atlanta Braves' mascot, Blooper. The "official" origin story is that the massive sandwich is what a very hungry Blooper threw together for himself in Smithing's kitchen one day.

In reality, the concoction was inspired by a conversation between Smithing and another chef about what would be good on a burger.

"We wanted something that would be fun, exciting and different — something that would make people go 'wow,' " Smithing says. (You can hear more about the Blooper Burger by clicking the play button above.)

Across the country, concession stands are reinventing stadium dining experiences, concocting crazy menu items for patrons to eat at their seats.

In April, we reported on the bulgogi hoagie — Korean beef served with onions and kimchi cheese (known as "kimcheez whiz") — as well as a hot dog with piles of pastrami, sauerkraut and spicy mustard. Both are served at Nationals Park in Washington.

On Twitter, we also asked for your most outrageous stadium meals — and you delivered. Here's a sample of what you've eaten at stadiums across the country, including these nachos atComerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers.

Also at Comerica Park: a pizza with cheese, chili, mustard, onions and hot dog slices.

Behold the pulled pork parfaitat Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas, offers a massive 2-pound chicken tender — called the Fowl Pole.

Toasted grasshoppers are a fan favorite in Seattle at T-Mobile Park.

Wash all the outrageousness down with a 22-ounce, $19.25 cup of craft beer in San Francisco at Oracle Park.

But there were concession stand purists among you. For them, stadiums should just stick to the basics.

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