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Chuck Hoskin Jr.

Cherokee Nation Businesses Follow Tribal Government In Raising Minimum Wage

Sep 25, 2019
Employee Karen Chuculate works at CNB Engineering & Manufacturing in Stilwell. CNB engineering and manufacturing companies provide aerospace and defense services for commercial and government clients.
(Courtesy Cherokee Nation Businesses)

Cherokee Nation Businesses announced that it will raise its workers' minimum wage to $11 an hour, effective Oct. 1. The announcement comes after pay raises were approved last month for Cherokee Nation government workers. Journal Record editor Russell Ray discusses the specifics of these raises and how profits from Cherokee Nation Businesses help the tribe. 


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This time last week Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren campaigned in Iowa after announcing her presidential bid. Her announcement came a few months after the Oklahoma-native released DNA test results to back up claims of Native American ancestry. The test was taken as an affront to many Native Americans, especially Cherokee citizens, one of the tribes Warren claims ties to.

Cherokee Nation

In this episode of Capitol Insider, KGOU’s Dick Pryor and eCapitol’s Shawn Ashley speak with Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. of the Cherokee Nation. Hoskin discusses Cherokee Nation’s investments in health and education, the tribe’s perspective on renegotiating gaming compacts, and more.



The Oklahoma state budget is facing a crisis. Legislators face a $1.3 billion shortfall in the upcoming fiscal year that will result in cuts to agencies. At the same time, several state leaders have floated proposals to fund a pay raise for Oklahoma teachers.