demographic changes

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The 2018 midterm elections in Oklahoma confirmed hardened geographic divisions. The state's two largest metro areas favored Democrats, while rural Oklahoma voted overwhelmingly Republican. But rural counties are losing population, overall demographics are changing and redistricting is on the horizon. 

School children attend the first day of classes at the Talaat Harb government primary school, in the popular district of Shubra, Cairo, Egypt, Monday Sept. 28, 2015.
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Rapid population growth is a major catalyst for many of the issues currently facing the Middle East.

Juan Cole, a commenter on the Middle East and a historian at the University Michigan, says the demographic bulge has implications on a number of things, such as unemployment and infrastructure. The large number of young people also puts a strain on education.

The New York Times created an interactive graph to show how people have moved between the states over the decades, verus how many were born in that state. Take a look! For Oklahoma, they wrote: "Remember "Grapes of Wrath" and the migration of the "Okies" to California in the Great Depression? In a modern twist, as part of the Golden State's great out-migration, the California-born population of Oklahoma has doubled since 1980."