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DNA testing

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This time last week Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren campaigned in Iowa after announcing her presidential bid. Her announcement came a few months after the Oklahoma-native released DNA test results to back up claims of Native American ancestry. The test was taken as an affront to many Native Americans, especially Cherokee citizens, one of the tribes Warren claims ties to.

Sgt. Ziakiya Byers, an Oklahoma County Sheriff’s deputy, shows a kit that is used to obtain DNA from convicted and arrested felons.
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With no announcement, Oklahoma jails are beginning to collect DNA from individuals arrested on felony charges – the first step in implementing a controversial state law passed two years ago.

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The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says agents have arrested a Guthrie man for the rape and beating of an 85-year-old woman that happened on Christmas Day in 1997.

The agency said Thursday that the man was arrested Wednesday after DNA tests connected him to the rape and assault of the woman. According to online court records, formal charges had not been filed as of Thursday afternoon.

The OSBI says DNA was taken from the suspect after he was convicted on drug charges in 2013.

The agency says the victim of the crime died in 2008.

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An Oklahoma lawmaker who has unsuccessfully worked to require persons accused of crimes to provide DNA samples plans to conduct a legislative study on the issue.

Defendants convicted of certain crimes in the state are already required to provide DNA samples to determine if they can be linked to unsolved crimes. Republican Rep. Lee Denney of Cushing says she wants authorities to be able to secure DNA samples earlier in the process.