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Oklahoma County Jail

The Journal Record Building at 621 N. Robinson Ave. in Oklahoma City.
Brent Fuchs / The Journal Record

On Tuesday the City Council of Oklahoma City approved a revised agreement for the redevelopment of one of downtown’s most historically significant buildings.

Robert Patton, Director, Oklahoma Department of Corrections
Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Friction between the state's new prisons director and some county sheriffs is flaring up because of a pair of bills in the state Legislature.

Robert Patton began taking inmates out of county jails shortly after he started at the Department of Corrections about a year ago.

That move angered many sheriffs who count on the $27-per-day the state pays for housing the inmates to help maintain county jail operations.

Corrections officials are now pushing two bills to delay when the department begins paying counties for housing a state inmate.

Oklahoma County

Leaders in Oklahoma County are awaiting feedback from the Department of Justice on whether the agency will force a tax increase to pay for improvements to the county jail.

District 3 Commissioner Ray Vaughn says the county informed the department they've done all they can to improve conditions at the lockup without any new funding from a tax increase.

Vaughn tells The Journal Record that the commission sent a letter updating the federal government shortly before the shutdown Oct. 1. The county has not yet received a response.