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In this episode of Capitol Insider, KGOU's Dick Pryor and eCapitol's Shawn Ashley speak with the head of Oklahoma's higher education system, Glen Johnson. Johnson discusses budget cuts to higher education, as well as free speech policies, virtual education and more. 

More District Schools Offer Full-Time Virtual Programs. Do They Work?

Sep 9, 2019
Brylee Brungardt-Davis (right) and her brother Vander Brungardt-Davis are enrolled in Putnam City Schools virtual classes, along with their two siblings who are in high school. Brylee, 12, said she gets more school work done because she isn’t distracted b
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A growing number of traditional district schools are offering full-time virtual education or a blend of online and in-person classes. But it’s not clear whether the quality of instruction is the same.

Toby Carter, 14, goes to school from home. This is his first year at the Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy.
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There is a debate nationwide over the effectiveness of online education, and Oklahoma isn’t immune to it. Here, enrollment in virtual schools is booming, but the schools are performing poorly. There are also questions about the companies that run these schools and their financial practices.

Opponents to online education say the state should stop supporting virtual schools until there’s more information about them. But, others say they are vital to certain types of students. 

Throughout middle school, Toby Carter’s teachers struggled to keep him challenged.