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Scissortail Park

Elisabeth Donaldson

Musician and filmmaker Luke Dick had an eventful 2019. From performing with his indie rock band Steve during Scissortail Park’s opening night celebration, to penning songs for country music stars and winning awards for his documentary Red Dog, there were plenty of moments the Oklahoma native remembers fondly. But ask him what's near the top of the list, and he quickly mentions how much he enjoyed screening Red Dog at festivals with the film’s star, his mom Kim Kassen. In the early ‘80s, she was a young parent who danced at the strip club for which the documentary is named.

Second Amendment Backers Plan Tests Of Permitless Carry Law

Aug 27, 2019
Elaine Thompson / AP Images

Backers of an approaching law allowing Oklahomans to carry a gun without training or a permit say they’re willing to test compliance with the law by showing up in certain places carrying a firearm.