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Top 10 Reasons To Volunteer During The Pledge Drive

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Like most non-profits, KGOU relies on volunteers during the busiest times of the year -- specifically, during our membership drives. We have great volunteers, and we'd like to add to their numbers -- the more, the merrier! We have a good time, even though it does get really busy sometimes.

Here's your chance to help out KGOU and the greater listening community. And so, without further ado and with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, here are our top ten reasons to sign up now:

10. We'll feed you snacks. We try to have the healthy stuff, but there might be something decadent, too. Grazing is allowed; double-dipping is not. 9. All the coffee you can stomach. I'm a tea drinker myself, and we'll have that, too. 8. Finally, a way to use your skill of talking on the phone. And beautiful penmanship will be admired greatly. 7. You can park for free on the campus of the University of Oklahoma.Yes, that's correct. We'll send you a temporary parking permit, suitable for framing or for slowly degrading in the landfill. 6. Campus is lovely in the spring. The tulips should be blooming by then, and the squirrels will be chasing each other up and down and around the trees. 5. You can tour the KGOU broadcast facility. Come see our beautiful and highly functional workspace. Just so you know, that's not clutter on my desk. It's my easy-access paper storage system. 4. You can meet some cool and interesting people. Us. Other volunteers. Listeners who call to pledge. 3. You can pick through our box of miscellaneous goodies. We get lots of CDs and a few other promotional items that we can't use; come discover a gem or something really, really odd. 2. You can create good karma, or earn a "gold star". "You get a gold star" is one of General Manager Karen Holp's favorite sayings. I always picture a little check mark in the "Good" column in the giant ledger of life. 1. You will be one of our Most Favorite People Ever. You can give a valuable gift to KGOU -- the gift of your time -- and we will be grateful for the help.

So, how about it? Can you help us out? Sign up here. You can choose from the recommended shifts or make your own hours. If you have questions, email me at membership@kgou.org or give me a call at 325-0022.

Laura works to fund journalism and entertainment programming on public radio through individual listener contributions and other funding streams. She is a former radio journalist at KTOK, WKY and other commercial radio stations.
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