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Closing The Open Forum; Opening New Conversations

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After considerable discussion, we have decided to end the practice of posting an Open Forum each month. They were started at a time when my predecessor wasn't posting often, while he was working on a lengthy project. My intention is to get back to having more frequent posts, which will offer more opportunities for more focused commenting.

We'd like to move the broader discussions of NPR's journalism, ethics and standards to social media. We hope this will make it easier to hold conversations focused on single topics, rather than the jumble of issues that come up in each forum.

Some of you have already begun starting discussion threads on the NPR Ombudsman Facebook page. You can also tweet @EJensenNYC. As always, you will still be able to comment directly on Ombudsman blog posts and NPR.org posts. And you can always reach us privately via the Contact Us Form.

Whatever platform you choose, please keep in mind our Community Discussion rules. Due to the heavy volume of messages we receive, we cannot respond to every comment or question. However, we promise to read every one, and will try to answer when we can.


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