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"Listeners like me!" KGOU Listeners Make It Real

Kevin the cat
Kevin, a flame-point Siamese, listens on a smart speaker. He is very vocal, but has yet to master the phrase, "Hey, Google, play KGOU."

Tens of thousands of people listen regularly to KGOU, but still, it can feel like a solitary existence sometimes.

In radio, the listening experience becomes real through the voices we hear -- voices of the reporters and hosts who illuminate the events of the day, the voices of those interviewed who are living the story that we're hearing about, or voices raised in song. To borrow from the philosopher Descartes, we hear them, therefore, they are.

We broadcast messages thanking listeners for their donations that help keep KGOU delivering this diverse, enlightening compilation of voices. You might have heard our announcers' voices say, "Support for KGOU is provided by... listeners like you." But who, exactly?

What if you could let other listeners know you're there, and hear others who are listening along with you? Well now you can. You can proclaim your status as a real, live member of KGOU's listening community with your voice on the air.

Here's how:

  1. Pick any of these suggested scripts, or get really real and write your own:

    "And by donors like me, (name, town), contributing (annually/monthly) to keep KGOU strong. Help support news for all of us at KGOU-dot-org."

    "And by listeners like me, (name, town), doing my part to sustain KGOU's news, information and entertainment programs. Give at KGOU-dot-org."

    "And by people like me, (name, town), a sustaining member giving monthly to support KGOU's public service journalism. Join me at KGOU-dot-org."

    "And by me, (name, town), one of KGOU's listeners who contributes toward NPR and local news coverage (or music programs). Join me at KGOU-dot-org."

  2. Find your phone's voice recorder. Go to the main menu and find the app that is similar to Voice Memo or Voice Recorder. WikiHow has a tutorial if you need instructions.
  3. Record your message(s). Try to fit it all in 13 seconds of audio.
  4. Save and send that recorded audio to us! Use your phone's "send" or "share" feature to email the audio file to KGOU Program Manager Jim Johnson at programming@kgou.org. If sending it through a text is your only option, call Jolly Brown at (405) 325-1601 for the number to text it to.
  5. (Optional) Send us a photo -- a selfie of you (or your pet) listening would be awesome.

KGOU has a vibrant community of listeners. Chime in with your voice -- you'll inspire other listeners.
We can't wait to hear you!

*By sending audio, you are giving KGOU permission to consider your audio for on-air and online broadcast.

Laura works to fund journalism and entertainment programming on public radio through individual listener contributions and other funding streams. She is a former radio journalist at KTOK, WKY and other commercial radio stations.
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