Tulsa Finds A Way To Survive The State Budget Crisis

May 8, 2017
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Oklahoma is suffering through severe cuts to public services. But the city of Tulsa is making do. The Economist reports that increased donations from philanthropists, as well as a sales tax increase with revenues dedicated to police, museums and public transportation have kept Tulsa running while a budget crisis ravages the rest of the state.

In this stand-off Tulsa, like other American former boomtowns, benefits from the afterglow of industrial wealth. Several times its tycoons have ridden to its rescue: to supply its water, to build a bridge to connect it with oilfields, and to buy the land for its airport. These days country-music stars live in some of the oil barons’ grand villas but, by way of compensation for the economic pendulum, the paternalism lives on. “Philanthropy is an industry here in Tulsa,” says Mr Bynum.

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