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Oklahoma's Beau Jennings Searches For Boyhood Hero Will Rogers In 'The Verdigris'

"The Verdigris" is Beau Jennings' 13-song musical tribute to the late Will Rogers.

When asked what constitutes a life well spent, Will Rogers once answered, “Love and admiration from your fellow men is all that anyone can ask.” 

In April 2011, Oklahoma-born musician, Beau Jennings shared with KGOU his admiration for Rogers, and an ambitious desire to pay musical tribute to his "boyhood hero." Friday marks the consummation of at least part of Jennings’ pursuit - an album release concert featuring material from The Verdigris. 

Given the occasion, we thought it appropriate to re-post that archived KGOU interview wherein Jennings detailed the evolution of the project.

Beau Jennings' "The Verdigris" concert showcase is set for 8 p.m. at The Opolis in downtown Norman. 


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