Business Support

Business sponsorship support, also known as underwriting, is an effective way to support KGOU while gaining exposure for your business or organization. Underwriting announcements on KGOU and online sponsorships on reach an inquisitive, successful and dedicated audience.

Cameron Hutton, Director of Business Sponsorships

You may underwrite individual programs or air announcements throughout the broadcast day. In either case, you will receive mentions at mutually agreed upon times and frequencies.

Cameron Hutton brings decades of experience helping businesses connect with their desired audiences. Contact Cameron at or call (405) 325-5926.

Benefits of underwriting on KGOU include:

  • Reaching an audience that is 88% more likely to buy products and services from companies that support public radio than from companies that advertise on commercial radio (Source: ICR Research).
  • Exposure for your organization for a reasonable investment.
  • Reaching a well-educated, upscale audience that appreciates and values business support of public radio.
  • Attaining a positive community awareness by associating with the quality of public radio.
  • Speaking directly to approximately 60,000 different listeners who tune to KGOU each week and/or an online audience averaging 57,000+ pageviews a month.
  • Your underwriting message stands out. Unlike commercial stations, where grouping many sponsors together is standard practice, KGOU has only one sponsor per break.

For more information about underwriting on KGOU, contact Cameron Hutton at