Thank-you Gifts | KGOU

Thank-you Gifts

Donors may choose a thank-you gift at the level of donation or any level below.  You are not required to choose a thank-you gift; you may choose instead to have all of your donation go toward the operation of the radio station. Give now.

  • Subject to availability.

$120 Level
KGOU Face Mask

Blue cotton cloth mask with pocket for optional filter (not included). Adult-sized.

$180 Level
Day Sponsorship
A personal message broadcast four times on the day of your choice. These announcements are often used for personal messages such as birthday and anniversary greetings. Days are available on a first-come first-reserved basis. You may donate your message to a non-profit organization, however the FCC requires that the name of the person paying for the day sponsorship be announced in the message. Day sponsorships cannot be used to promote commercial businesses or business-related events.