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Thank-you Gifts

Donors may choose a thank-you gift at the level of donation or any level below.  You are not required to choose a thank-you gift; you may choose instead to have all of your donation go toward the operation of the radio station. Give now.

Any gift ($5 minimum by credit or debit card):
KGOU Tech Stickers
Re-positionable, waterproof stickers for your laptop, phone, water bottle or anywhere. You stick with KGOU for essential news and entertainment; why not stick KGOU's brand logos on all your stuff?

$120 or $10 per month:
Public Radio Nerd reusable grocery Chicobag
Reusable grocery bag proclaiming your status as a well-informed listener. Black poly bag with white lettering and the NPR logo. Folds into an attached pouch for easy carrying in a pocket or bag until ready to fill.

$180 or $15 per month:
Day Sponsorship
A personal message broadcast four times on the day of your choice. These announcements are often used for personal messages such as birthday and anniversary greetings. Days are available on a first-come first-reserved basis. You may donate your message to a non-profit organization, however the FCC requires that the name of the person paying for the day sponsorship be announced in the message. Day sponsorships cannot be used to promote commercial businesses or business-related events.


KGOU 50th Anniversary T-shirt
Mark this milestone of community strength with our 50th anniversary shirt. The front of this ring-spun cotton blend tee sports a gold-colored microphone, with our network of stations on the back.