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Miriam Zoila Pérez: How Does Racism Affect Pregnant Women And Babies?

Part 2 of the TED Radio Hour episode The Consequences of Racism.

About Miriam Zoila Pérez's TED Talk

Why do pregnant women of color have different health outcomes from their white counterparts? Writer and activist Miriam Zoila Pérez explains the ways racism manifests for these women and their babies.

About Miriam Zoila Pérez

Miriam Zoila Pérez is a writer, trained doula, and activist focused on race, health, and gender. Pérez is the founder of the blog Radical Doula, the author of The Radical Doula Guide, and the co-host of the podcasts Tonic and Radio Menea. Pérez advocates for methods that can help diminish disparities in maternal health for women of color. In her TED Talk, she specifically focuses on the work of Jennie Joseph (The JJ Way®), a midwife who provides prenatal care through her Orlando clinic.

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