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It's A (Really Tall) Girl! Baby Giraffe Born At Oklahoma City Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo announced the birth of a giraffe Tuesday. The five-foot-tall ungulate born Monday is the fourth offspring of 15-year-olds Ellie and Bogy.

“Both mom and calf are doing well,” hoofstock supervisor Jaimee Flinchbaugh said in a statement. “Ellie is an experienced, doting mom, and her calf is full of energy and personality. We are excited to watch her grow.”

And grow she will. During a giraffe’s first year, they’ll nearly double in height, and grow about an inch per day during the first seven days of life. After an average gestation period of 15 months, giraffes give birth standing up, and calves are born hooves-first. A newborn will able to stand on their own within the hour.

The female calf hasn't been named yet. Zoo officials say visitors may be able to see the baby giraffe from mid-morning through early afternoon, depending on the weather.

The zoo says its public giraffe feedings will continue, but Ellie won’t participate until her caretakers think she’s comfortable with the platform area and the crowds.

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