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PM NewsBrief: Sept. 8, 2023

This is the KGOU PM NewsBrief for Friday, September 8, 2023.

October Hearing Set For OG&E Plan

Oklahoma Gas and Electric is looking to replace two aging power generation units--and customers may have to foot the bill.

In a letter to customers, the utility company says it wants to replace the nearly 60-year-old power generation units at Horseshoe Lake Power Plant in eastern Oklahoma County.

The company says the aging units have become difficult and costly to maintain.

OG&E has filed a proposal with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

The commission has scheduled a hearing for mid-October to discuss the project.

If approved, the average customer would see an increase of about $2.00 per month, but not until the units are operational, which is planned for late 2026.

Woman Wins $200,000 In Settlement With OKC For Police Incident

An Oklahoma City woman who claims her arm was broken by police officers after entering her home without a warrant in 2020 will receive $200,000 in a settlement.

A federal court judge ordered the guardian of 77-year-old Ruby Jones to be paid $200,000 in a settlement with Oklahoma City.

Jones claims police entered her home in August of 2020 without a proper warrant during a search for her mentally ill son, Chauncey Jones, who had called in a bomb threat earlier that day.

According to the police report, Jones’s son threw a knife when an officer entered the house.

The lawsuit filed after the incident said an officer handcuffed Jones and pulled her arm upward and at an angle “beyond its physical capabilities.” She then fell to the floor and was ordered to walk to the patrol car outside.

The settlement is made without the city admitting liability in the incident.

Records Show State Spent More Than $22,000 On Anti-Teacher Union Video

More than $22,000 of state money went to fund the creation of an anti-teacher union video from Oklahoma’s State Department of Education.

According to documents StateImpact obtained from an open records request, $22,500 was paid to Texas-based Precision Outreach LLC to make the video.

The video was unveiled at a May State Board of Education meeting and was part of what State Superintendent Ryan Walters calls a “public awareness campaign” about teachers’ unions.

It features speakers from the National Education Association’s 2022 conference, footage from Walters’ interview with Fox News, and an interview with the author of a young adult LGBTQ+ book.

It also included a video from Texas and another from Pennsylvania defending pedophiles - it’s unclear what the connection is to Oklahoma teacher unions.

The state money was used for video production, onsite shooting, use of equipment, and post-production editing.

Oklahoma Human Services Announces Grant To Combat Food Insecurity

Oklahoma Human Services is using a $12.5 million grant to improve the availability of affordable and nutritious foods after the COVID-19 pandemic impacted access.

An allocation of recovery funds from the American Rescue Plan Act will fund the food insecurity grant.

Applicants must be programs like food pantries, distribution centers and other nonprofits addressing food insecurity. Funding can be used to make physical improvements or purchase equipment to increase the distribution and storage of food.

Grant amounts will be based on the needs of applying programs and the number of applicants. Programs in census-designated food deserts or low- to moderate-income areas with less access to supermarkets will be prioritized. Applicants must fill out a grant interest form on the department’s website by Oct. 6.


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