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Oklahoma Congressional Delegation Reacts To President Obama's Budget Proposal

U.S. Sen. James Lankford  says the budget proposal President Obama unveiled Monday doesn't address the drivers of the country's debt or encourage private sector growth.

Lankford said in a statement Monday the executive budget doesn't respect discretionary sequestration caps, and called the 7 percent increase in federal spending "reckless."

"That would be the equivalent to someone who's having a tough time making their credit car payments, but when they get a job, or when they get a raise, they say, 'Great. I got a raise. I'm going to buy a brand-new TV for the Super Bowl tonight, and put even more on my credit card,' instead of paying down debt," Lankford told Fox News' Shannon Bream during a wide-ranging interview that also focused on the U.S. response to self-proclaimed Islamic State militants. "If the economy’s doing better, terrific. Let’s start paying down debt. Let’s get us back into balance, not just accelerate and keep spending more.”

Lankford's colleague in the chamber, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, criticized infrastructure, energy, environment and defense spending in the the president's $4 trillion budget request submitted to Congress Monday.

"The president’s proposal continues to downsize our military by 11,300 personnel and seeks to authorize another BRAC round in 2017," Inhofe said in a statement. "Our military is already too small to meet global national security requirements. It takes not only adequate military resources, but also a robust personnel base to communicate strength and resolve to our enemies.”

U.S. Rep. Tom Cole said the president failed to recommend changes to the Social Security Disability Fund, or call for entitlement and tax reform. 

“For the fifth straight year, the president’s wish list to Congress is clearly dead upon arrival and does not stand the slightest chance of becoming law," Cole said in a statement.

First District Congressman Jim Bridenstine called the budget proposal "laughable" on his Facebook page, and Second District Representative Markwayne Mullin said on social media the president proposed more tax-and-spend policies, rather than serious solutions.


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