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Oklahoma Democratic & GOP Party Chairs Up For Grabs

Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Dave Weston

With the 2016 presidential election cycle ramping up, the chairmanship of both the Oklahoma Republican and Democratic parties is up for grabs.

Republicans will gather April 11 at the Crossroads Church in Oklahoma City for their annual convention.

Incumbent GOP party boss Dave Weston is running for another terms but has two challengers — longtime party activist Pam Pollard and one-time tea party favorite Randy Brogdon.

Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair, Wallace Collins
Credit Oklahoma Democratic Party
Oklahoma Democratic Party
Outgoing Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair, Wallace Collins

 Oklahoma Democrats will select a new leader for its state party after Wallace Collins said he won't run for another two-year term.

Current Democratic Party Vice-Chair Dana Orwig and Oklahoma City attorney Mark Hammons have announced plans to seek that post at the Democratic Party Convention on May 30.


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