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Former Canadian County elections chief sentenced for uncounted votes

Kate Carlton Greer

Former Canadian County Elections Chief Wanda Armold was given a deferred sentence for failing to perform a timely audit of the 2020 primary election, leading to 1,272 votes not being counted.

In a voluntary interview with law enforcement, Armold said the audit was not performed because it was a long election, and “everyone was tired,” according to areport in the Yukon Progress.

Armold pleaded guilty to the charge of failure to perform duties on June 28.

All the uncounted votes were from a polling precinct in Mustang. Armold received a plea agreement that included a one-year deferred sentence and a $1,272 fine, one dollar for each vote left uncounted.

Armold was further ordered to pay a $30 victim’s compensation assessment along with court costs.

Canadian County District Attorney Angela Marsee told the Yukon Progress it is not believed the votes would have altered the results of the election, nor was the failure to perform the audit done for fraudulent purposes.

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