Assignment: Radio - December 20, 2015

Dec 20, 2015

This week on Assignment Radio, the student reporters hang out with local musician Ben Hill and bus driver Shirley Bosscawen and visit the McFarland Food Pantry.

Later on in the program they explore the theme of intersections- the points at which paths cross. Just like the streets in a city or lines on a graph, people’s individual journeys through life often converge briefly before continuing off in different directions. These moments can teach us about a different way of looking at the world and even alter the way we look at ourselves.

Courtney Kearby talks to Amber Bauer and Amy Morris, about the important role social media in connecting them to each other and to other military wives.

Sarah Hurd talks to University of Oklahoma seniors Darius Dixon and  Hayley Hinsberger about their experiences as members of the queer community.

Patrick Smith closes out the show with a story about the journey he and his roommates have been on this past semester from strangers from different cultures to friends.

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