Myers: Employers Should Think Outside The Box When Evaluating Applicants

Dec 2, 2014

Deidre Myers, Deputy Secretary For Workforce Development, Oklahoma Department of Commerce.
Credit Twitter

At Oklahoma State University’s annual Economic Outlook Conference Tuesday, industry professionals criticized low teacher pay, but forecasted continued job growth in education and several other jobs through 2015.

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce’s Deidre Myers wants employers to think outside of basic qualifications during the hiring process.

Myers questioned the value of requiring applicants to have specific majors like economics or finance when looking for jobs in the business field. She says most jobs require analytic and critical thinking skills…rather than an expertise in a narrowly defined field.

Myers said, “Does it make a difference, when we’re talking about standards, what the actual subject is? Or does it make a difference what you learn when you take that subject?”

By focusing on basic skills gained during school, Myers contends the applicant and the employer will better utilize their abilities.


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