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Oklahoma Watch-Out: State Question 779 "Penny Sales Tax" Forum

Oct 9, 2016

Oklahoma Watch is a nonprofit organization that produces in-depth and investigative journalism on important public-policy issues facing the state. More Oklahoma Watch content can be found at www.oklahomawatch.org

State Question 779 is among the more hotly debated initiatives on the November 8 Oklahoma ballot.  The 'vote-yes' campaign is championed by University of Oklahoma President and former U.S. Sen. David Boren. Many educators have joined Boren in support of the proposal, citing low teacher pay and difficulty in attracting educators to the state. 

Opponents include many city officials and leaders who fear increasing the state’s sales tax to what would amount to the highest average sales tax rate in the nation will limit their ability to raise taxes for other civic improvements. 

In an effort to better understand these and other concerns on both sides of the issue, Oklahoma Watch's Warren Vieth moderated a September 13, 2016 “Watch-Out” forum featuring Amber England, executive director of Stand for Children Oklahoma, and supporter of the initiative, and Dave Bond, chief executive officer of OCPA Impact, who opposes State Question 779.

This week’s Sunday Radio Matinee features an audio broadcast of this forum. Join us this Sunday at noon for this compelling debate.