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This is 40 - Jessica Tate

Excerpted ‘audio postcard’ from the February 18th, 2024 broadcast of The Weekend Blues

Jessica Tate is a classically trained harpist with a shared devotion to jazz music. As she notes on her website, “Harp is an instrument like any other, and it can be anything the player can make it.”

To mark Tate’s upcoming 40th birthday, the instrumentalist and singer-songwriter wanted to illustrate what she’s ‘made’ of her instrument.

“I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about talking about milestone birthdays,” says Tate. “I don’t about this one! I am really happy about what I’ve accomplished.”

In the above audio postcard, Jessica Tate reveals some of her life’s journey over a soundtrack of material you’ll find on “This is 40” - a birthday gift to herself and the world.


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