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The Curse Of Lil B: Fans Blame Rapper For Houston Rockets' Bad Luck


MIKE BREEN: Topped to Howard, back to Harden, Harden tied up, knocked loose, picked up and the game is over. Golden State hangs on.


The final seconds of game two of the NBA Western Conference Finals. Last night, the Houston Rockets suffered a heartbreaking one-point loss to the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors now lead the series two games to none.


But what really caught our attention is the reason why fans believe the Rockets lost. They blame it on a dreaded curse.

SIEGEL: A curse on star player James Harden supposedly placed by rapper artist Lil B. As they see it, Lil B was upset that Harden stole the signature dance with moves that mimic stirring a pot.

CORNISH: So we called Lil B to find out if there was a curse.

LIL B: Yeah, James Harden was warned. He wasn't cursed, not right now. You know, for as of right now, it was just a friendly warning saying hey, this is the originator of the dance saying you just - what are you doing?

SIEGEL: OK, now, why should people believe that Lil B has the powers to put a curse on someone?

CORNISH: Well, fans point to the misfortune of another star player from the Oklahoma City Thunder. Here's what Lil B told us.

LIL B: The only person cursed was Kevin Durant, and he's never been the same.

SIEGEL: Apparently, Kevin Durant disrespected Lil B on Twitter, and Durant has been out most of the season with a foot injury. Draw your own conclusions.

CORNISH: But Rockets fans, all hope is not lost. Lil B tells us that Harden can get the warning lifted.

LIL B: James Harden just has to come publicly and explain what he's doing and just show respect to real artistry. And I just want to know where his head's at and what he's thinking.

CORNISH: As for James Harden, we reached out to him to find out what he thinks about the curse and if he'll dare do that dance again.

SIEGEL: No word yet; game three is played tomorrow. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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