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Life Hack: How To Listen Guilt-Free

Guilt-free 105.7 MHz

I apologize for that clickbait-y headline–as a public media connoisseur, you expect and deserve better. But I need your attention for an important announcement:

KGOU does not want you to feel guilty for not donating.

We were reminded that our fundraisers can sometimes induce feelings of guilt, by a lovely note from a regular listener whom we'll call James. He very eloquently wrote:

Ah, the fall fund raiser. ... I have listened to KGOU for decades, but for all of those years I resisted the call to contribute. As I recall, I had some reasonable-sounding rationalization for forgoing the separation of funds from my bank account, but I can’t remember exactly what it might have been. I was the worst of the non-contributors. [Any visitor] could tell you that KGOU is broadcast from my desk radio all day, every day, and it has been that way for over 20 years. But still, I resisted calling in during the drive. It did get somewhat embarrassing, since during the fund drive, when you all would break into programming to plead for funds, I would have to put my fingers in my ears and loudly trill “La la la” to drown out the plea, which visitors found somewhat disconcerting.

I'd like to be a fly on the wall to see that. James continues:

At any rate, last year or the year before last, I finally took the plunge and now have money taken directly out of my bank account each month. I wish others would realize, as have I, that this method of contributing is painless to the point of not even being noticed each month. And, there is the additional mental health aspect of it. Now, when the fund drives come around, there is no guilt. There is not “la la.” There is, instead, a small satisfaction that I need do nothing in addition to that which is already being done.

So, let me repeat, we don't want you to feel bad if you can't–or just won't–give.

We do want those of you who do give–or who are open to possibly giving–to feel good about it. We want to celebrate your contribution to this community resource for news, information and entertainment, and to thank you, by name or anonymously, for your commitment.

Our goal is to remind you, a consumer of the service KGOU provides, that the majority of KGOU's funding comes from you and/or other consumers just like you, from all walks of life and in amounts large and small.

And to remind you that what comes out of the speakers or onto the pages of this website is directly tied to the generosity of those people just like you who make the decision to contribute.

KGOU is free and offered to all. That's what public service is all about.

So keep listening and reading, guilt-free. But if there's that voice in your head that says you could help out, just a little–there's a remedy. Take it from James: a few dollars a month is all it takes to soothe your conscience.

KGOU is a community-supported public media organization which relies on contributions from readers and listeners to fulfill its mission of public service to Oklahoma and beyond. Donate online, or by contacting our Membership department.

Laura works to fund journalism and entertainment programming on public radio through individual listener contributions and other funding streams. She is a former radio journalist at KTOK, WKY and other commercial radio stations.
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