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Franco Ordoñez Joins NPR's Washington Desk

Franco Ordoñez will be joining the Washington Desk June 3, 2019.
Franco Ordoñez will be joining the Washington Desk June 3, 2019.

In a note to newsroom staff Senior Washington Editor, Beth Donovan, and Deputy Washington Editor, Shirley Henry, announced this staffing update:

All – We are thrilled to announce that Franco Ordoñez will be joining the Washington Desk as the newest member of our White House team. Currently a White House correspondent for McClatchy, Franco came to our attention with a string of immigration-related scoops during the Trump administration. His expertise and good humor will be a perfect complement to the current all-star lineup at the White House with Mara Liasson, Tamara Keith and Ayesha Rascoe.

Franco is a long time listener who already knows many members of the desk. We can't wait for all of you and our audiences on the air, online and on UpFirst and The NPR Politics Podcast to get to know him.

Franco's first day with us will be June 3.

Also, here's a preview of more Washington News. You've probably heard Scott Detrow begin to shift his attention from Congress to the campaign trail. Over the next few days and weeks, that transition will be complete. More on that and a new Hill hire will be coming soon.

Beth and Shirley

Ordoñez said in an email:

After seven great years working at McClatchy, I'm very excited to be joining NPR.

I'm a listener and have gotten to know several NPR reporters over the years working in Washington and at the White House. The chance to join the Washington Desk was a no-brainer.

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with a bigger audience in a more intimate way. I'm also excited to try my reporting skills in a new medium and learn to use sound to energize my journalism.

There is a reason why NPR has long been one of the most trusted news sources. NPR listeners are passionate about their journalism and they know this newsroom will consistently deliver original stories that can't be found elsewhere.

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Shirley Henry is the Chief Washington Editor for NPR News. In this role, she oversees all aspects of the Washington Desk. Its correspondents, editors and producers cover the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Justice Department, presidential campaigns and other electoral politics, and tell stories across all of NPR's broadcast and digital platforms. She also oversees and edits the NPR Politics Podcast.
Beth Donovan works jointly with NPR's News and Programming teams and is the executive producer of Life Kit. This is the third podcast Donovan has led for NPR. She was the co-creator and executive producer of The NPR Politics Podcast from its November 2015 launch through May 2019 and was the co-creator and senior editor of It's All Politics, NPR's first podcast to exclusively feature original content.
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