Steele, Prater Resign from Justice Group, Cite Dishonesty from Fallin's Office

Mar 14, 2013

The two leaders of a working committee overseeing Oklahoma's plan to lower the state's prison population have resigned, saying they would no longer chair the group and couldn't ask other members to keep serving.

Former House Speaker Kris Steele
Credit Oklahoma House of Representatives

Former House Speaker Kris Steele and Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater resigned Thursday as chairmen of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative group. They cited what they call dishonesty from Gov. Mary Fallin's office and a House vote creating a committee that could replace them.

The group includes legislators and officials from corrections, law enforcement and state courts.

At the meeting, Fallin's general counsel Steve Mullins told the group their input was valuable but they couldn't do or change anything with their findings.

A spokesman for Fallin didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.