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Agriculture not immune to ongoing global supply shortages

Randy Fath
The ongoing global computer chip shortage is causing trouble for farmers who want to upgrade their Ag equipment.

Supply shortages are cropping up in many industries, and they're also affecting the agriculture sector. 

The buzzword right now is “shortage.” You’ve heard it. Supplier shortages on gifts for the holidays, labor shortages affecting businesses and good luck finding new cars during a global computer chip shortage. That last one is also affecting the ag industry.

Farming has turned high-tech and digital technology plays a key role in aiding farmers in the field. The computer chip shortage impacts the ability for farms to upgrade aging equipment, which can result in revenue loss.

Even farmers trying to nurse along older machinery can’t get the parts to make the repairs from their ag equipment supplier. The more days go by that farmers can’t get in the field, the more money that is potentially lost.

Many experts think that the shortage may not resolve itself completely until sometime in 2023.

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