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Manager's Desk

KGOU's 20 Years Of News And Information

September 12, 2016

This is from the Manager’s Desk.

This fall, KGOU is celebrating 20 years with a primarily news and information program schedule. It was 1996 when we made that very important decision after careful consideration.

Today, I listen to familiar voices from the programs hosts that have been on the air since 1996, and new voices that joined the schedule over the years, and some as recently as this summer.

One of the reasons why I love public radio and KGOU is because, through the diverse program schedule, I hear the many different voices of the guests invited onto these programs. These voices tell their stories or explain their passion or detail their point of view.

There is nothing more powerful that a person’s voice explaining some idea, and that is what public radio is all about.

Celebrate KGOU’s 20 years of new and information. Celebrate the voices you hear on KGOU every day.

Thanks!  From the Manager’s Desk, I’m Karen Holp.

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