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Manager's Desk

New Programs, New Voices, New Donations Needed


October 9, 2016

This is from the former Manager’s Desk.

Yes, I’m still here, volunteering for the fall fundraising drive. We are celebrating the voices of KGOU. Of course there are the voices of the staff, and of the various programs that you hear all the time. But there are new voices to hear as well.

We have new programs – Freakonomics, Ask Me Another and The Ted Radio Hour.

Soon, we’ll have a decision on a new manager, and theirs is a voice you will want to get to know.

And we also have new voices among our listeners – we’ve been putting some on the air in recent weeks describing what they like about KGOU.

We will need new voices donating to KGOU this fall. New voices must be added to those who have spoken up before in order to meet our financial goal of listener support. Make your voice heard with a donation at KGOU.org.

Thanks!  From the former Manager’s Desk, I’m Karen Holp.

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