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Capitol Insider Extra: Gov. Fallin On Step Up Plan, Teacher Pay, Criminal Justice

Storme Jones
Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin talks with KGOU's Capitol Insider

When Gov. Mary Fallin addressed lawmakers in her first State of the State speech in 2011, she implored them to fix a $600 million hole in the state budget. Seven years later, in her final State of the State address, the legislature is faced with a similar task: filling an estimated $425 million gap in the budget.


In a Capitol Insider interview, Fallin says she hopes her legacy will be a permanent fix to these problems.  

“I hope that when we finish this session, my legacy will be that we solved the budget crisis. And if something happens and the House and the Senate doesn't vote to do that, I hope they'll say that she pushed then hard and gave it her best to try to move the needle to fix things in the state,” Fallin said.


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