University Of Oklahoma Star Trae Young To Go Pro

Mar 21, 2018

After only one year with the Sooners, University of Oklahoma basketball star Trae Young announced he’s entering the NBA draft on Twitter on Tuesday.


Young, who played high school basketball in Norman, was a sensation during the first half of the NCAA basketball season. However, he scuffled down the stretch as opponents began to adjust their defenses around him.


Regardless of his late struggles, Young led the NCAA Men’s Basketball regular season in both points and assists. ESPN has rated Young as the eighth pick in this year’s draft.

Students at OU’s Campus Corner shared their thoughts about Young’s decision.

OU sophomore Rachel Griffin wasn’t surprised when she heard the news about Trae Young.

“I think it was more expected,” Griffin said. “And it’s just kind of like now ‘OK, like what team is he going to go to? Like where’s he gonna go? Who’s gonna get him?’”

Senior Jack Counts was also unsurprised by Young’s decision. Like Griffin, he thinks Young will be successful in the NBA, given his track record as a freshman

”He’s still pretty young and needs to develop more physically to make in the NBA. But he’s a really good shooter. He hit a lot of his threes this season from well behind the college three point line,” Griffin explained.

Known for his “deep three’s,” Young averaged 27.4 points per game during the 2017-2018 season.

As Young takes the next step in his career, Griffin and Counts said he will be missed on campus.  But they’re excited to see where he ends up.