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Severe storms strike Clinton airport and Oklahoma City metro

Zach Rael
Dilapidated buildings at the Clinton Regional Airport. The airport suffered significant damage where a possible tornado moved through Tuesday night.

With the weather the last few days, Oklahomans could be excused for thinking it’s April or May. For the second time this week tornadoes and large hail raked the state. 

Overnight Sunday hail battered the state and tornadoes caused damage from from east to west. The story was similar again Tuesday night.

Early reports say the Clinton area, particularly the airport there, took significant damage, possibly from one of several tornadoes that touched down in western Oklahoma Tuesday night. No injuries were initially reported, but damage will be assessed Wednesday.

Meanwhile, residents in the Oklahoma City metro woke up to the sound of wailing sirens early Wednesday morning. Forecasters said a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was moving over the northeastern Oklahoma City area at about 5:45 a.m. Some storm damage was reported in southwest Oklahoma City near SW 49th Street and Czech Hall Road.

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt said in a tweet Wednesday morning that there were no reports of injuries or significant power outages.

Official numbers aren’t in, but it appears there have been more tornadoes in Oklahoma the last couple days than in all of May of this year, the usual peak of severe weather season.

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