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Pulse of the Planet ends decades-long weekday run

Pulse of the Planet’s over 30-year run as a short-form ‘module’ will come to an end Friday, June 3rd.


The program’s founder and Executive Producer, Jim Metzner, told Currentmagazine “I’m 73… I thought it was time.” Metzner also referenced involvement in other projects – including a longer-form version of the program that will be available as a weekly podcast.

Pulse of the Planet began production in September of 1989. At its peak, Metzner says the 2-minute module aired on some 300 radio stations. Metzner says he’s produced nearly 3000 episodes.

You’ll hear the final episode in its regularly scheduled KGOU air times (5:42am and 9:58pm) June 3rd, or just click the above audio link.

KGOU thanks Mr. Metzner and all who've made the two-minute “sound portraits of Planet Earth” possible these past several decades.

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