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An Evening with Carl Bernstein
Oklahoma Humanities
Dick Pryor and Carl Bernstein

This is the Manager’s Minute.

Recently, I’ve been able to hear talks by iconic Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, and legendary CBS News anchor Dan Rather while they were in Oklahoma.

I was struck by how each of them avoided speculation and stuck to provable facts in discussing politics and current events. Rather emphasized he is more comfortable with “straight news” than opinion or analysis.

Real, professional journalists operate that way – developing stories by following the facts and reaching informed conclusions, without preconceived notions. The journalists of NPR take pride in ethical reporting, too, and so do the reporters on the KGOU and StateImpact Oklahoma news teams.

At KGOU, we provide news stories (national and local) and discussion programs that generate more light than heat. Our goal is to air programs that are interesting, thought-provoking and more focused on issues than personalities.

Journalism is often misunderstood, but the news real journalists deliver is essential to an educated citizenry and functioning society. That’s a big reason we hope you will listen to KGOU and help us keep serving you by supporting us with your financial contributions.

If you have any questions about our journalistic standards go to the “Key Information” tab on our website, or email me at manager@kgou.org.

Until next time, with the Manager’s Minute, I’m Dick Pryor.

Dick Pryor has more than 25 years of experience in public service media, having previously served as deputy director, managing editor, news manager, news anchor and host for OETA, Oklahoma’s statewide public TV network. He was named general manager of KGOU Radio in November, 2016.
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