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News Fatigue


This is the Manager’s Minute.

Maybe you’re experiencing it: that feeling you’re just worn out by the news and are tired of the constant churn of updates and chatter.

In journalism these days, we call that “news fatigue.” Audience research indicates it’s a real thing. 

We’re hearing from people, loyal listeners, who want us to report on something different, tell positive stories, stories that make them feel better.

We understand, but we’re obligated to tell the top stories of the day, necessary stories, as we always have, even if they’re stories our audience would rather not hear.  

Ignoring the reality of what’s going on in today’s turbulent world would not be honest, and KGOU remains committed to delivering truthful reporting and smart conversation. Every day. From news sources you can trust.

So, if you want to turn down the volume from time to time, that’s OK, but just remember, we’ll still be here when you need us.

And we think fair, credible, reliable journalism is needed, now, more than ever.

Until next time, with the Manager’s Minute, I’m Dick Pryor.

Dick Pryor has more than 30 years of experience in public service media, having previously served as deputy director, managing editor, news manager, news anchor and host for OETA, Oklahoma’s statewide public TV network. He was named general manager of KGOU Radio in November 2016.
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