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KGOU's Chad Mitchell has spent nearly 30 years 'playing your favorite music from around the world' and this weekend he'll be doing so under a new program name... and with a new logo. Beginning Saturday, August 29th, Global Jazz Wire will be known as Global Sojourn.   

IQ2 "Is Belief In God Obsolete?"
Intelligence Squared U.S. / IQ2US

Does God have a place in 21st century human affairs? For many, the answer is an unapologetic yes. Belief in a higher power, they argue, is the foundation of human consciousness and the soul of all social, political, and scientific progress. 

Further, some claim, humans are biologically predisposed to embrace religion and require faith to live moral lives. 

Others are far more skeptical. For them, adherence to faith and religious tradition serves only to fracture communities and prevent humanity from embracing a more enlightened, reasoned, and just social order. 

The Boren Legacy

Apr 22, 2018
University of Oklahoma Video and Media Services

Join KGOU Sunday, April 22nd at noon for "The Boren Legacy", an intimate conversation with outgoing University of Oklahoma President David L. Boren and First Lady Molly Shi Boren on the influence and impact of their leadership during their tenure at OU.  "The Boren Legacy" is a production of OU's Video & Media Services