COVID-19 Coverage And Resources From KGOU | KGOU

COVID-19 Coverage And Resources From KGOU

Mar 13, 2020

This is the Manager’s Minute.

The novel coronavirus outbreak is quickly forcing changes in our day-to-day lives. Media organizations have an obligation to provide necessary news and information, while not becoming sensational.

So, in following this public health emergency, we’re trying to strike a balance, with calm, factual coverage that properly informs while not unduly promoting fear and panic.  

We’re updating the KGOU Community Events Calendar to let you know which events have been cancelled or postponed. We’ll provide public health resources and new developments - on the air, on-line and through social media – along with special reports from NPR.

The COVID-19 story is new territory for journalists, too, but here in Oklahoma we have experience with natural disasters. So, we remind you to be prepared, have a plan, stay informed, listen to the experts, and use common sense to mitigate the risk and protect yourself.

We’re all in this together, and KGOU is here to help.  

Thanks for listening.

Until next time, with the Manager’s Minute, I’m Dick Pryor.